Focus On Accountability

How can accountability help you?

How accountability helped Elissa Dobson
How accountability helped Elissa Dobson

From 1 person businesses to teams of 7 people across 3 continents I help hold you accountable to keep you focused and  doing the tasks you should be doing, not the ones that seem to shout the loudest.

If you are a leader of a team, delegation is key as is trust in your team. Let me help you to keep control of delegation and enable better communication between your team.

Accountability is tailored to you, accountability starts from the basic package of 15 minute phone call on a Monday and  a Friday, for just £25 per week with a check in message on Wednesday. You tell me your goals for the week and we work through what if anything got in the way and how we can stop that in the future. Accountability goes up to as much as you need, one client pays for 1/2 a day a week split across all 5 days.

What help do you need? What support do you need? Get in contact and let me support you to grow your business.